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Sage’s Army, Inc. was founded in 2012 by Carmen Capozzi following the death of his son, Sage. Sage’s Army is dedicated to bringing awareness, compassion, and action to communities affected by the drug epidemic.

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The internship provides an opportunity to gain valuable learning and working experience at a leading nonprofit organization. This opportunity is open to recent graduates or current students of a college program. The intern is expected to demonstrate a keen interest in nonprofits, as well as have project management abilities, proficiency with technology, attention to detail, flexibility in handling multiple projects, and ability to sometimes handle and protect confidential information.


This internship will run from July 2019 – early December 2019. The term of the internship may be extended based on need. The intern will report to the Executive Leadership Team.

The position works to raise funds from foundation and other institutional donors to support the mission of Sage’s Army– to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities and resources.

The Intern’s main task will be to supportthe development department by conducting prospect research; updating donor/prospect profiles for programs; and conducting general administrative support. In addition, the intern may also have opportunities to draft communications to prospects and support proposal development.

The intern will also be encouraged to meet with staff in multiple departments including public policy and advocacy, fundraising, information technology, finance, marketing, research, and other areas. This provides a significant opportunity to conduct internal networking and career information gathering. The Intern will also be required to attend trainings on nonprofit management and development via webinars. These trainings will help the intern develop important skills to work in the nonprofit sector and/or advocacy, particularly regarding fundraising.

PRIMARY PROJECTS: • Understand the mission and objectives of Sage’s Army • Research donors and prospects for programs to continue building a prospect pipeline • Attend meetings on fundraising and project goals and take notes at those meetings • Provide editing support for donor and prospect communications • Support gathering information to submit into the donor database, • Work with others in the Investor Relations team to learn and support their development/fundraising initiatives. • Other duties and special projects as assigned.


The internship opportunity is open to recent graduates or current students of college programs. • Background or interest in nonprofits, fundraising, or other relevant fields. •

Must have strong project management, technology and communication skills along with being detail oriented. Ability to multi-task. Must be able to work both independently and as part of a team. Must be flexible and comfortable in a fast-paced environment.

Selection will be based on project delivery experience, GPA/academic achievement, extracurricular/civic activities, and strong interest in a potential career in the nonprofit industry, especially in fundraising/development.

Strong working knowledge of all Microsoft Suite products, specifically Excel and PowerPoint. •

Willingness to protect confidential donor information and to sign a non-disclosure agreement before internship commences.

What is Sage’s Army?

Sage’s Army, Inc., is a non-profit organization operating locally in Southwestern, PA. Founded in March 2012 by Carmen Capozzi following the overdose death of his 20-year-old son, Sage, the group is dedicated to offering programs and services designed to raise awareness of all types of drug abuse and to compassionately support those seeking recovery. An international “army” of nearly 8,500 plus Facebook group members is at the heart of daily operations. This community of supporters welcomes those seeking support with open arms and includes many who have first-person experience with the devastating effects of addiction on lives, jobs, families and even personal freedom.

Addiction and overdose deaths related to heroin and prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic proportions in recent years. Sage’s Army works to bring this epidemic to light through a variety of awareness programs including going into schools in Western Pennsylvania to share awareness and hope, we have providing puppet shows for younger children to help prevent destructive decisions, public rallies to raise awareness in the media and reach as many people as possible, community special events to encourage action and changes to the status quo.

As a support organization, Sage’s Army provides guidance and information to those actively seeking treatment as well as their families. Sage’s Army provides a Family Support Group and Grief Group, Coffee Break for women that have family members struggling with addiction, offers Narcan trainings and our Help line 724-863-5433. The organization is active on the local, county and state levels in advocating for political and human service changes that will benefit those we serve. Outreach, including school presentations, open houses, drug take back events and sober entertainment options, is designed to raise awareness of the dangers of drug abuse, identify common symptoms of individuals battling addiction and educating children and adults on how to help those who may be in need or at risk.

When individuals come forward seeking treatment, Sage’s Army helps guide them to appropriate rehabilitation and treatment programs. The organization also promotes a “continuum of care” by identifying programs that offer continued support after individuals have exited the rehabilitation stage.

Though Sage’s Army provides various programs and services designed to promote awareness, compassion and action in the community, the organization’s core message is a simple one. Drugs do not discriminate. Addiction will touch the lives of many, and we all have an obligation to listen to those in need and support their recovery without prejudice or discrimination. Sage’s Army supporters do not judge, turn away or hide in shame. They fight the epidemic through understanding how addiction affects the lives of those they care about and they get involved – providing education, resources, encouragement and love.

Sage’s Army, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization


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