IUP Hiring Student Peer Educators

IUP is hiring new Peer Educators for the upcoming academic year and our current staff identified sociology students as fantastic candidates for the position. I am asking you to pass on this information to your students in the hopes that they are interested in a paid leadership experience next year. Peer Educators aim to encourage students to make healthy lifestyle choices by implementing and developing events and activities and by presenting to a diverse group of individuals.

We are looking for applications from outgoing, creative, and passionate students who aspire to make our campus more aware of health and wellness concerns. We cover topics such as stress and anxiety, depression and suicide, nutrition, body image, eating disorders, breast cancer, testicular and prostate cancer, sexual health, HIV/AIDS, and others. Students can expect to gain public speaking skills, event planning experience, idea development, and more. We are looking to choose our new Peer Educators before we break for summer, so applications should be submitted ASAP. A full description and the application itself can be found through the following link: https://www.schooljobs.com/careers/iupedu/jobs/1843108/student-worker-health-and-wellness-promotion-peer-educator?keywords=peer%20educator&pagetype=transferJobs


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