Save Our Budget – Fill A Bus – APSCUF

JOIN APSCUF ON February 22, 2018 “#Prepared4PA Rally”

Bus Trip to Harrisburg Capital


We have been asked to join IUP administration and students to rally during the PASSHE Senate budget hearing to show our support for the funding of PASSHE and higher education.  Listed below is my “TOP TEN REASONS YOU SHOULD join us for the IUP-APSCUF “Fill-a-Bus Tour 2018”:

10) Free round trip to Harrisburg by coach bus to the State Capitol!

9) Enjoy the scenic/picturesque  view of Pennsylvania from the bus windows while traversing the historic PA turnpike!

8)  Enjoy a group tour of the beautiful and historic capitol rotunda complete with sculptures, murals and stained glass windows!

7)  In 2016 we went on strike to advance high quality education in the Commonwealth. Our job is not done!

6) We need to help send a clear message during the Senate budget hearing for PASSHE that we advocate for increased funding for our schools and universities

5)   This is an opportunity to join with our students and administration to advocate for higher education always, not just at contract negotiation time.

4)  You have an opportunity to enjoy a delicious box lunch on your return trip, pickle included!

3) We have an opportunity to crash a PASSHE party to advocate for funding of higher education

2) Governor Wolfe’s budget proposal includes a $15 million dollar increase for PASSHE. Other groups/entities will be vying for some of those funds. We need to stand with our students and administration to rally for restored funding of public higher education!

And the top reason to join us for the “Fill-A-Bus Tour”: 

1)    IUP management and students will be filling a bus, too. We need to show our support for them in solidarity with us!

The first 50 people to contact Bonnie Jo to reserve your seat are guaranteed a spot on the “Fill-A-Bus Tour.” The bus will arrive at the KCAC at 6:45 a.m. on 2/22/18, and depart at 7:00 a.m.  We will be leaving Harrisburg between 1-3 p.m. depending on the rally schedule.

Hope to see you there!

In Solidarity,

Nadene A. L’Amoreaux, Ph.D., LPC, ACS, NCC


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