Job Opportunity- Lebanon Agency on Aging 

From Dr. Beth Mabry

Aging Care Manager 2 (Local Government)Employment Opportunities: The Lebanon County Area Agency on Aging currently has three full-time vacancies for Aging Care Manager 2 (Local Government). One position is in Protective Services; one position is in Protective Services/Nursing Home Transition; and one position is in the Options Program.

Nature of Work: You will provide care management services to clients and their families to aid them in resolving or adjusting to their problems or situations. This involves obtaining information from clients, clients’ families, and others in order to identify any social, economic, emotional, health, or physical problems, and obtain appropriate services for them. You will collaborate with other social service agencies, hospitals, clinics, courts, and community resources in planning to meet the needs of clients and assisting clients in utilizing their resources. You will prepare social histories, case histories, correspondence, reports, and records using a personal computer. Aging Care Managers 2 (Local Government) are responsible for more complex cases.

In order to be considered, applicants must be PA residents, must pass the associated Civil Service exam, and must meet the following minimum requirements: six months of experience as an Aging Care Manager 1, County Caseworker 1 or County Social Casework Intern; OR 1 year of experience in public or private social work and a bachelor’s degree which includes or is supplemented by 12 college-level credit hours in sociology, social work/social welfare, psychology, gerontology or other related social sciences; OR a bachelor’s degree with a social work/social welfare major; OR an equivalent combination of experience and training including successful completion of 12 college-level credit hours in sociology, social welfare, psychology, gerontology or other related social sciences.

Note: If you are a final candidate for a position covered by the Older Adults Protective Services Act, you will have to obtain a report of criminal record information, at your own expense, from the Pennsylvania State Police, or a statement that the State Police Central Repository contains no information relating to you. If you have not been a resident of Pennsylvania for two years prior to the date that you received notification that you are a final candidate, you are also required to furnish a report of Federal Criminal History Record Information, at your own expense, from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Starting Salary for Protective Services Positions: $34,740/annually, plus benefits.

Starting Salary for Options Program Position: $32,316/annually, plus benefits.

Have questions? Please call (717) 273-9262.

How to Apply: Apply online at Log in to the Online Services section of the homepage. Select View Open Announcements & Apply from the menu, and reference announcement #2012-109 for Aging Care Managers (Local Government) to submit your application and schedule your Civil Service exam. If you do not have a bachelor’s degree with a major in sociology, social work/social welfare, psychology, gerontology, or a related area, you must submit a list of college courses or a college transcript which includes the 12 college-level credit hours required in these areas. Please e-mail copies of documents to or fax them to (717) 787-8650.

Veterans: Pennsylvania law (51 Pa.C.S. §7103) provides employment preference for qualified veterans for appointment to many state and local government jobs. To learn more about employment preferences and opportunities for veterans, visit the veterans section of


710 Maple Street
Lebanon, PA 17046


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