Enroll in Sociology of Mass Media Online This Summer at #IUP


Course Description: Examines the development of mass media as dominant cultural forms within advanced industrial societies in the 21st century. Emphasizes critical understanding of the sociohistorical development, the underlying assumptions, and the social implications of the advance of mass media.

Overview: Mass media shape American culture, politics and social life. During the semester we will examine the history of mass media, economics of media, government regulation of media, the role of news in informing democratic societies, media effects, and issues of race, class, and gender in media. We will focus on mass media television, internet, radio, and publishing content.
Course Objectives:
1. Critically analyze and evaluate mass media as an institution through the sociological perspective.
2. Differentiate the institutional relationships that guide the organization, production and impact of mass media.
3. Appraise, assess, and estimate effects of historical and technological changes in the production, organization and consumption of mass media.

Video Walk-through:  This segment provides a brief overview of the information that will be covered in Dr. Vaccaro’s course sociology of mass media. The video was made for his winter course, but will be the same course structure for the summer course. For more information on registering please email Dr. Vaccaro.


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